threat definition: 1.

‘It’s not a threat, it’s a warning 52.

At the same time Napoleon threatened openly to crush Austria, and in 180 9 he carried out his threat by defeating the Austrian armies at Wagram and elsewhere, and dictating the. at gunpoint.

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" Remarkable example of Hogan correcting his framing mid-sentence. RT @HallwayOrchard: "If we think that children under the age of 16. .

21 examples: This proved to be an idle threat.

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is under investigation.

Every country which is under threat of terrorism is tightening its laws. .

Because a criminal threats conviction is a “strike” under California’s three-strikes law, you must serve at least 85% of your sentence before you are eligible for release. .


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. is under control. The Ukrainian Air Forces said Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed drones launched from northern. 4- Second, general educational opportunities are under threat. Iraqis on the task force are under constant threat.

The fourth soldier, indicted for assault.

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If we think that professionals should be dishonest with them, then I think we need to talk about that.


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